Behind The Staud – Kobe Bryant & Smart Car Photo Shoot

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Staud Studios is at it again with one of their latest photo shoot projects for Smart Car’s Big In The City campaign brought to you by the creative minds of BBDO Beijing. All Smart Car shots in the images below are CGI, while Kobe Bryant…is well…a big guy in a small car. Photo session of the NBA player took place at Raleigh Studios in Manhattan Beach, California where the Staud team had one hour and 30 minutes to shoot and make the pictures happen. In the 2nd half of the shoot, Team Staud joined the car and crew (no Kobe) in Rome, Italy at Cinecittà Studios. You can see the different sets used in the photo shoot and TV commercial ad featuring

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Behind the Staud – Kobe Bryant & Smart Car is sooo much more than an insider look at an automobile photo shoot. In fact, it’s a legacy in the making. Photographer Patrick Staud (seen working the camera in the video) is son to the famous Automobile Photog, René Staud. And the gentleman in the white shirt and dirty blonde hair is Pascal Staud, the Producer of the shoot. They’re brothers, and man are they talented. Watch the boys in action above!

Today, even after more than 25 years experience in advertising photography René Staud is still very active in all ranges of the automobile photography. At this juncture his exacting and sophisticated photographic images; the most modern technology, as well as perfectionism related to his craft has kept Rene and his studio in great demand. Many well known and prestigious car manufacturers belong to his clientele. To a large extent, the Leonberg studios are used by Rene Staud’s 20-people team today, but due to the high technical studio standard, guest photographers gladly come from within Germany and abroad. 

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