BTS Video of Mad Mike Drifting The Crown Range in NZ – Redbull

© Red Bull Media House

© Red Bull Media House

Nothing says drifting like a RedBull-fashioned bespoke quad-rotor rotary engine car, driven by Mad Mike Whiddett, laying some smoke and rubber on the Crown Range Road in New Zealand. The auto of choice: the Mazda FD RX7. So what does a highly skilled drifter on a 10km stretch of closed road do, you ask?

One must simply click the Behind The Scenes video below to find out.

The road over the range, known as the Crown Range Road, is the highest main road in New Zealand. It reaches an altitude of 1121 meters and offers some amazing views. You can have a look at the scenery in the fancy, slow-mo driving final film by RedBull, Conquer the Crown. Make the jump to Mike’s interview here to read more about the shoot.

“Drifting is all about putting on  a show. I like to entertain and I love the adrenaline.” - Mike Whiddett

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