Ford Fusion Photo Illusion

In Ford Fusion’s creative print campaign: Invisible, the wizardry of automotive photographer Jeff Ludes and artist Liu Bolin really is a must see. These two talents join forces and bring a wonderful display of photography, art, and illusion to the ad world.

What you see in the image (Left) can probably be done in Photoshop, but what’s the fun in that?!

To communicate creatively the concept that all other cars seem to “disappear” when the new Fusion is on the scene, Ford reached out to Chinese artist Liu Bolin to consult on the project. Bolin, renowned for creating photographs in which he paints his body and clothing to camouflage himself seamlessly into his surroundings, was the perfect advisor to bring the concept to fruition. See Hiding in the City here.

Bolin flew from China to Los Angeles to direct the production of the Fusion print ads. At his command was a team of trained Hollywood studio painters who worked for hours to paint the details of the scenery – brick sidewalks, shrubbery, lamp posts and buildings – onto competitive vehicles parked on the set.

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“My work can be done on the computer without the use of paint,” said Bolin, referring to a type of photography that is enhanced through the use of computer-generated imagery. “But computers cannot convey emotions. That is something that the artist captures with his paintbrush.”

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