How To Outrun A Falcon – Starring Gee Atherton

© Adam Walker

© Adam Walker

Watch your back because the folks at Red Bull are at it again: This time with the collaboration of BBC Earth, Gee Atherton, and a peregrine falcon.

In the mountain bike park of Antor Stiniog, located in North Wales, a 12-man crew gathered to document a one-of-a kind chase starring Moses (the peregrine falcon) and his human prey, Red Bull mountain bike rider – Gee Atherton. Down several winding trails complete with twists, dips, jumps and turns, the 10 cameras (including one on the bird) used in this filming captured so many great sequences that it will leave a viewer wanting their own falcon…or chicken wing. At least I know I want one. This really is one of our favorite videos to date. The concept is quite simple, but it’s the bird’s performance that really makes turns the production into a full action-adventure, complete with epic slow-motion.

As the Behind The Scenes video below shows, it turns out you can only outrun a falcon sometimes, and it helps if you have a mountain bike traveling down a semi-unpredictable path. This BTS piece is chock-full of goodies and soooo worth watching, regardless of it’s 11-minute run time. Definitely give it a click!

“If you’re in control, you aren’t going fast enough.” – Gee Antherton.



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