Kobe Bryant Smart Car Ad: Behind The Scenes

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Kobe Bryant Smart Car: Behind The Scenes is a BTS look at the adventures of the Smart Car’s Big In The City Ad campaigns featuring Kobe Bryant. In this go around, a young actor (dressed as a giant peanut) is chased around the  back lots of a movie studio by an elephant. Peanut tries to escape by seeking refuge in a nearby Smart Car being driven by Kobe and the fun ensues. From the streets of NY, to the streets of Rome, and even the surface of the moon, the Smart is taken through it’s paces!


At the end of the chase another young female actress (dressed as a mouse) decides she’s had enough of all the apparent running around and gives the elephant a piece of her mind. I’m not going to give all of the ending away, but we all know elephants are scared of mice…

Hint: The lil ol’ Smart can take the weight of 3 SUV’s on top of it.

Fun Facts
  • Kobe’s portion of the shoot was completely done in green screen at the Raleigh Studios in Manhattan Beach, CA.
  • The Movies: Ben-Hur and Cleopatra were filmed at the Cinecittà Studios in Rome, Italy where the 2nd half of shooting took place.
  • Mala, the female African elephant, and her German trainer, Sonni Frankello, have been working together for 26 years.
  • 75+ extras were used in the making of this 45 second ad.
The Ad: Catch Me If You Can

Agency: BBDO Beijing

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